Deer Shield repels deer from  crops and orchards

Organic, Safe and Humane Deer Control

Deer Shield repels deer from gardens and landscapingDeer Shield harnesses the power of the natural communications and survival instincts of deer to effectively repel them from crops, orchards, airports, gardens and landscaping.  Digital recordings of alarmed, hostile and territorial deer are broadcast (audible to humans) through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers to trigger a primal fear and flee response.  Deer soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened.

Deer soon change their feeding and travel patterns to avoid the area completely.

Deer Repellent Technology

Deer Shield controls deer and keeps them out of crops, orchards and vineyares

Deer Shield is the result of Bird Gard’s 25 years of research and development into animal control systems. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln contributed to the development of Deer Shield, which has been demonstrated to be highly effective at controlling deer through extensive and ongoing field testing.

Keep Deer Away!

Deer live in an interdependent social structure where they use audible calls to signal danger from one member to the larger herd.  Deer Shield can cause an entire herd to flee.  They soon modify their travel and feeding patterns to avoid the protected area completely. Sophisticated random features and user adjustable controls prevent deer from becoming accustomed to the sounds.  All Deer Shield products are backed by a one-year satisfaction guarantee. 

Deer foraging in vineyard

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

All Deer Shield products are hand built with pride at our world headquarters in the small town of Sisters, Oregon.  Every unit is inspected and tested so you can be confident the Deer Shield units you purchase are effective and reliable. 

Use Deer Shield for an entire year.  If you are not completely satisfied with your results, simply return it for a prompt refund of your purchase price.

All Deer Shield Products are made with pride by hand in the USA.

Deer Shield Reviews

"Over the past months I have purchased 4 Deer Shield units to keep deer out of my client’s vineyards and eating the apical tips off the shoots.  From the first day I put Deer Shield out the deer have stayed away.  We no longer have any deer damage in the vineyards protected by Deer Shield.  Fact is the Deer Shields are working so well I'm going to order 2 more!”

Craig Cunningham,
Cunningham Viticulture Services, LLC
Traverse City, Michigan

"We purchased Deer Shield Super Pro to protect our 1 year old pear tree planting that had been severely damaged the previous year by deer and elk.  Shortly after installing Deer Shield, the deer and elk changed their travel patterns and largely left the trees alone.  After 3 months, what little damage we find is limited to the perimeter, is very minor, and the trees are now growing well.”

Bruce Hukari,
Hukari Orchards,
Hood River, Oregon


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Deer Shield deer repellants get rid of deer from vineyards

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